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The Development Office is dedicated to the financial growth and independence of St. Martha Parish School.  We are staffed by many kindhearted, hard working individuals who donate their time and talent.

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Challenge to All Alumni by Chris Ferguson, Class of '79

Dear Alumni and Friends of St. Martha School,

I've made some pretty wonderful memories in life; marrying Sandy, my wife of 33 years, the births of our three children, traveling into space and looking back at the Earth so far below. These memories will, forever, be part of my life. There is one more memory that I recall as if it was made yesterday, my time at 

St. Martha School.

I remember playing handball in the schoolyard, the kindness and dedication of the teachers, making my First Communion and Confirmation, and graduation day. I'm sure when you think of SMS, you have memories of your own flooding back as if they, too, were made yesterday.

Fellow graduates, I am writing to you to come to the aid of our school. SMS needs you more than ever.

Yearly, St. Martha Parish gives the school a subsidy to allow her to continue to provide the quality of education that she's provided for over 50 years. This subsidy is a financial strain on the parish which has its own bills to pay. Furthermore, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is requiring that schools must become financially independent of their parish. Those who cannot do so face a challenging future.

I want to see those children in the first grade (Class of 2026) have the same opportunities we had to make memories, make their sacraments, and to graduate from St. Martha School. I want a secure future for them.

To that end, I have pledged $1,000 to St. Martha School. Some of my family members and classmates have done the same. I am asking you to join us as we make St. Martha School's future secure and, for those in a position to do so, match my contribution. Those who cannot, please be as generous as you possibly can. The time to give is now. Please do not wait until tomorrow.

Checks should be made payable to St. Martha School and mailed to St. Martha School, 11321 Academy Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154, attention Development Office. 

Fellow Alum, I know, I am certain, that together we can make St. Martha School healthy again. Together we can secure her future.

Thank you,

Chris Ferguson, Class of 1979