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What is a Board of Limited Jurisdiction?

A board of limited jurisdiction is a decision making body, guided by a universal set of operating principles, which has been developed through conversation and collaboration among a diverse group of stakeholders in the Archdiocese, including the episcopate, clergy, principals, and administrators.

Board members actively support and promote the school's mission, vision, and strategic goals. Board members bring varying expertise, knowledge, and skills as they create policy in the areas of finance, enrollment, development, board membership/nomination process, facilities, and other committees as deemed necessary.

Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Board Members:

  • Leads school community in gifts of time, talent, and treasure
  • Understands what is and is not within his/her jurisdiction
  • Acts with school's interest as top priority
  • Asks difficult questions and find answers
  • Actively serves on appropriate committees (at least one)
  • Fully participates by attending meetings and comes well-prepared
  • Engages in productive, open, honest debate and discussion while respecting confidentiality
  • Accepts and supports Board decisions; once a decision has been made, the Board speaks with one voice
  • Supports the Principal's implementation of policy
  • Makes early contributions to annual and capital fundraisers
  • Participates in the life of the school community (attends school events, graduation, etc.)
  • Participates in self-assessment of Board
  • Has responsibility for sound financial management
  • Acts as ambassador for the school in areas of enrollment and development
  • Promotes the school's academic program and ensures that the program responds to the needs of the school community
  • Ensures development and succession of the Board
  • Ensures future sustainability of the school

  • Ability to bring a level of expertise in a given area needed by the school
  • Separate the interests of the school from those of a child or constituency
  • Ability to keep all Board deliberations confidential
  • Ability to guard against conflict of interest, whether personal or business related

Executive Board Members:


Helen Konstance, Chair

Rev. Alexander Masluk

Karen Donofry

John Biancaniello

Nettie Johnson-Yengbeh

Markie Geist

Jim Hennessey

Pam McPeak

Linda Conway

Adam Friedman

Denise LePera

Jennifer Grega

Charles Kueny

T.J. Fluehr

Joanne Trusdell

Kathleen Brace

Jim Shupe





Facilities Chair

Development/Enrollment Chair







Finance Chair