St. Martha Parish School

Providing excellence in Catholic education since 1967

St. Martha Parish School Philosophy

St. Martha Parish School strives to put into practice Jesus' Law of Love which is, "Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself." Through the constant efforts and daily witness of a caring Catholic faculty, administration and clergy, we work to enhance Catholic Christian values, already begun at home, by providing a Christ-centered atmosphere in which all students can worship and learn. Since all students are unique, it is our objective to provide a holistic education to encourage the students to develop their strengths.

The students of St. Martha Parish School are members of a community of learners. As members of this community, they have a variety of opportunities to interact with each other academically, spiritually and socially.

Learning occurs as readiness, motivation and maturation merge within the students. Evaluation takes place through a wide variety of assessments. These results are used to address the needs of the individual students, as well as the needs of the school population in general. We believe the students, who strive for their own personal best, have achieved the benchmark of their success.

Spiritually, the students are educated to value and respect the rights, opinions, property and differences of others. They are called upon to stand as witnesses to the sanctity of life that God has given them by nurturing and protecting their own human bodies physically, emotionally and mentally.

Students are encouraged to become an integral part of the community through service and leadership. Our students' social development evolves from the interplay of relationships in the family, the Church and the school. All are encouraged to support each other and treat each other with mutual respect.

The school adheres to the policies and procedures set forth by the Office of Catholic Education regarding curriculum and teacher evaluation. Local implementation of these policies is accomplished by the school administration in consultation with the faculty.

St. Martha Parish School seeks faculty members who are willing to assume their roles as facilitators of Jesus' message. The teachers, as role models, are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and well-prepared. They foster learning in an atmosphere that supports individuality and recognizes and meets a variety of skill levels. The needs of the students are the main factors used to determine materials and methods selected to best service the students in our school.

Recognizing the individuality of all students, the teachers demonstrate Catholic values to create a classroom environment that encourages mutual respect and good citizenship. Keeping in mind that parents are the primary educators, teachers strive to relate to parents in a professional, caring manner. The faculty commits itself to supporting one another in the Catholic formation and education of the students. The collegiality of the faculty and staff is demonstrated spiritually, professionally and personally in order to achieve the high standard of education that is the hallmark of St. Martha Parish School. 

If you want a school that makes you feel like part of the family, then St. Martha School is for you! Looking at the pictures [on Facebook] brings back so many wonderful experiences that I have had and still have with my grandchildren attending
St. Martha's! Great school, wonderful teachers - perfect together!

Ann Finocchiaro ~ SMS Grandparent