St. Martha Parish School

Providing excellence in Catholic education since 1967


SMS Students - Learning, Serving, and Worshiping Together!

St. Martha Parish School provides excellence in Catholic education in a caring and safe environment and offers classes for Grades Pre-K through 8.  Students are expected to arrive by 7:50 AM each day.  Daily prayers and announcements are made at 7:55 AM.  Any student arriving after 8:00 AM is considered late. Classes begin promptly after morning prayers.  Dismissal is at 3:00 PM every Monday through Thursday and 2:30 PM every Friday.  For safety purposes, Pre-K and Kindergarten classes dismiss at 2:45 PM every Monday through Thursday and 2:15 PM every Friday. Pre-K is available for children who are 3 or 4 years of age before September 1st.

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Our Mission

St. Martha Parish School is an elementary school whose mission is to teach the message and values of Jesus Christ in an environment where all students feel accepted, fulfilled, and loved.  We are committed to providing an enriching atmosphere which encourages academic success.  We strive to work in partnership with families to foster the Catholic community of school, home, and parish.

Special Recognition

Congratulations to Kayleigh McCrossan and Grace Scanlon for being chosen for Connelly Scholarships! 

Congratulations to Grace Scanlon, Kayleigh McCrossan, and Gabriella Finocchiaro!  These 8th graders each received an award from The Association of Church Musicians for their many years of service as cantors. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voices with us!